Monday, November 29, 2010

Starting something new

Starting something new...

I've blogged before but kept it to myself or to a few people that were my "safe" zone at the time. I've never blogged to the public or at least so the public has the possibility of finding it. That thought honestly has me a little scared, I'm not sure how much of my life I really want to share.

Most of what I've blogged about in the past was sensitive in nature, at least to me. I've had gastric bypass surgery in April of 2008 and that has caused much joy but a decent amount of pain as well. When I started that journey I was very self conscious and didn't want the world to know what I was going through. I went on to lose 140 pounds and my physical appearance changed drastically. I'm sure more blog posts will contain more of my struggles with my surgery but I'm slowly learning to deal with my medical issues. I also have an ongoing migraine from August of 2006, so that is something I deal with on a daily basis.

Other than my medical issues, which don't define me, just help explain some of the last four years, I have many things going for me! I've worked for the same financial institution for the last eight years, and although that has it's struggles too, I'm very thankful to be employed! I have an amazing boyfriend, Nick who would do anything for me, and does daily! My crazy cat Lorelai who has survived eating string and Easter grass with two costly vet visits, the cow named Blaze (haha really a 100 lb black lab mix) and the new puppy named Jordan. He's 25ish lbs right now, and the humane society called him a border collie mix, but he looks just like a mini Blaze!

I have an amazing family, which includes an amazingly adorable intelligent nephew named Malakai! I so wish distance didn't have an influence on how often I got to see him!

Same with my godson Gabe. I miss seeing his major milestones like Malakai because I'm don't live in the same town. Thank goodness for the Internet, sometimes I can "be there" without physically being there, although it's not the same.

Well I could ramble on about my life, but then what would there be to blog about? As I get better at this I'm sure you will get more in depth stories on many of the above well as new stories! I love Blazer basketball (hence my dog's name Blaze!) so I'm sure those posts will pop in too. I hope to share my adventures in cooking and not to steal any ideas :) my best recipes at baking (love the idea and credit it to my sister in law Shandell ( for inspiring me! I've wanted to blog for awhile, but a twitter conversation with her kinda pushed me to give it a try!

What do you want to hear more about?